Rabu, 19 Maret 2014

Finally Meet London (make a story)

I have sister her name is Jane. She studying at one of collage in London, UK. She got a scholarship to London two years ago. She choose Economi for her majority. Jane usually go home once a year. My sister Jane went to town yesterday. She bought many souvenir from London one year ago. She always tell me about the London anytime we chat. London has many beautiful places to visit. There are hundreds of ancient castles in Great Britain and they are popular tourist attractions. The most visit place in London is The London Eye and it was designed by British architects. However, it wasn’t made in Great Britain at all! The main parts of The Eye were built in Holland. It was opened to the public on Februari 1st 2000. Londoners can get around their city by car, by bicycle, on foot or even by boat, but most people use the famous red buses or the underground (‘the tube’).

Jane usually on foot go to her collage everyday. She is one of student with a good academic. Her lecturer will give jane a special offer if she can get a good grade this semester. It will be a good news for her. She will not forget to keep her lecturer credibility. Jane doesn’t  spend time only with go to cinemas, clubs or watch music concert.  Jane learned to manage her finance carefully. She spend her partly time at bakery as a cashier. As much as possible jane fills her sparetime with positive activities.

Jane and me shall spend summer holiday in London next week. We will go to The London Eye, Kensington Garden Square, Thames River, Westminster Abbey, watch One Direction concert in O2 Arena, etc. It will be a good holiday ever. I can’t wait to meet the day!

Notes :
Past Simple
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