Sabtu, 28 Juni 2014

Election 2014

Indonesia will go to polls to elect a new president on 9 July, following legislative elections earlier this year on 9 April. In the Election 2014 there are 2 pairs of the president and vice president. The first pair number Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa while the number 2 there Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla. Here are explanation about two candidates of president and vice president .
  1. Prabowo - Hatta 

The candidates president and vice president from first pair number has vision to built Indonesia which allied, independent, equitable, prosperous and also prestigous. This candidates also has strenghts and weknesses, like :
Strengths : Prabowo has good leadership career in military, Prabowo a mature figure in financial. This condition can give hope for many people that Prabowo no corruption when he became a president.
Weakness : Human rights case which ensnared him. Moreover Prabowo also has weakness in manage leadership himself.

2. Jokowi – Kalla

The candidates president and vice president from second pair number has mission to realized Indonesia which sovereign, independent and has personality based to kinship. This candidates also has strenghts and weknesses, like :
Strengths : Jokowi has attitude who be close to the people and he want be on speaking terms with populace. Meanwhile Jusuf Kalla have experince as a chairman of Golongan Karya and vice president. 
Wekaness : Jokowi have a weakness about his firmness and integrity and he also less experience in national policy, peacefulness and national defense. The weakness of Jusuf Kalla that he was knows everything.
I hope who’s to be the next President and vice president of Indonesia can bring towards better and make a progress.


English is an important language in the world and many country make English as their daily language. English language lesson was given by teacher since elementary school. My opinion about my english skill is not to bad. Since i’m in elementary school i was practice my english skill accompanying english course. English course helps me to habituated speak in english and also gives me much new vocabulary.
English skill is not only can speak well in english but also writing, reading and listening well in english. I think my skill to write or read in english is well enough. Sometimes we feels clumsy to try speak in english because we are too care about grammar and another rules.
I usually accelerate my english skill like watch movie without translate in Indonesia language, listen and try to  understand pronouncing from the western songs. I think now my english skill little bit go down. This condition maybe happen beacuse i rarely to practice my english skill in speaking, reading, and writing. I will be start to accompanying english course again to accelerate my english skill especially in conversation.


Graduate from University one of the best and awaited moment in my life. There is much plans i want to do after graduated. Everyone definitely want to graduated as soon as possible and could get job which agree with our ability and skill.
After graduated i would working in Direktorat Jenderal Perpajakan.  Yes, i’m interested in taxation. Indeed i want to be a taxation consultant. To made it happen, from now i was accompanying taxation c ourse at IAI (Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia). There is different count between accountancy and taxation. The difference made me interested to understand further.
When i felt my finance enough for defrayed my study abroad, i would took school of design in London or Milan. Yes of course i want to be a designer indeed.  Fashion is my passion, i love everything about fashion. By fashion we can expression our self. Fashion is about you whatever people judge. I hope my wish will be really happen in whole day, ya i’m sure that’s will be nice.