Sabtu, 28 Juni 2014


English is an important language in the world and many country make English as their daily language. English language lesson was given by teacher since elementary school. My opinion about my english skill is not to bad. Since i’m in elementary school i was practice my english skill accompanying english course. English course helps me to habituated speak in english and also gives me much new vocabulary.
English skill is not only can speak well in english but also writing, reading and listening well in english. I think my skill to write or read in english is well enough. Sometimes we feels clumsy to try speak in english because we are too care about grammar and another rules.
I usually accelerate my english skill like watch movie without translate in Indonesia language, listen and try to  understand pronouncing from the western songs. I think now my english skill little bit go down. This condition maybe happen beacuse i rarely to practice my english skill in speaking, reading, and writing. I will be start to accompanying english course again to accelerate my english skill especially in conversation.

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